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Logosol B1001 Hydraulic, 27Hk

Included as standard in B1001 Hydraulic: 2 log supports, 1 log holder, 2 top lifts, 1 log rotator, 1 extension, 4 pairs of support legs, 1 band saw blade, adjustable feet, adjustable blade guide & waercooling.
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Worlds best hydraulic band sawmill! Quality in every detail.

Logosols fully hydraulic sawmill B1001 Hydraulic is a amazing sawmill where you as operator manages the entire saw process from the control unit. You'll get an efficient comfortable saw experience.

With only the grip of your hand, you can lift the log from the ground and rotate the log into position without any effort. It's a delightful feeling that with simple grips manage up to 4400 pounds. A wise choice for you that want a premium band sawmill that makes sawing a pleasure. !


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Technical Data

Technical data

Control panel
Manually controlled valves (4-8 functions)
Petrol engine:
Honda GX200 6hp, hydraulic tank 5 l, max. pressure 175 bar, max. flow 12 l / min.
Control panel that can be raised, lowered,and turned for a better view.
Can be locked for transport.
Compatible with Smart Set.
Work platform [680x950 mm] that protects the powerpack.

Toe Board
Cross bunk HD (tubular construction)
Log roller: Ø100 mm
Max. lifting height: 70 mm

Log Clamp
Double horizontal guides, 2x40 mm bar
Min. clamping width: 20 mm
Max. clamping width: 700 mm
Vertical stroke: 300 mm
Bearing: Double bushings and dust seals on each linear movement on the log clamp
A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 300 mm stroke connected to a 40 mm rod for vertical movement
A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 200 mm stroke connected to a linkage for horizontal movement

Log Supports
Quantity: 2 supports
Function: Mechanically connected log supports that automatically have the same vertical position.
Stroke: 305 mm.
Material: 40 mm stainless steel bar and a linkage consisting of 8 mm laser-cut plates. Bearing housing in steel.
Bearing: Double sets of bushings and dust seals on each log support.
Operation: A double-acting hydraulic cylinder with 150 mm stroke coupled to a linkage.

Log Rotator
Sturdy hydraulic cylinder for raising/lowering
Hydraulic motor for chain drive

Log Loader
Lifting capacity: 2000 kg
Max. log diameter: 1000 mm
Min. log length: 2100 mm

Max. log diameter: 1001 mm
Max. cutting width: 850 mm
Max. cutting length: 6000 mm
Min. thickness on the last board: 25 mm (1 inch)

Motor alternatives
Petrol engine: 23 hp
Electric motor: 12 kW, 3-phase, 400 V, 50 hz

Width: 33 mm
Rotational speed: 30 m/s

Diameter: 500 mm
Maintenace free bearings
Integrated fan for cooling and effective cleaning of the cover.


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10 strong reasons to choose LOGOSOL

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Feel safe with a market leading company with extensive experience. LOGOSOL was founded in 1989 by Bengt-Olov Bystrom and the company is still owned by the Bystrom family in Harnosand, Sweden. We have sold over 25,000 sawmills and more than 10,000 planers. We have over 25 years experience in small-scale wood processing and have daily contact with customers worldwide who fulfill their dreams of wood!

2-year warranty

Applies to all of our machines. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occurred during normal use of the products. Exceptions to the warranty are consumable items such as belts, guide bars and saw chains.

We always try to be really helpful if an accident has happened. We are sure that it is best for everyone if you continue to be totally satisfied with your LOGOSOL machine.

2-month money back guarantee (Return policy)

Applies to all of our machines. This means that you can try the machine before deciding. Saw, plane or mould a good deal of timber, we are not afraid of taking back a machine with a little sawdust on it.

As a main rule the customer may within the 60 days iron-clad money back guaranteee, return the product if he is not satisfied with it. The only thing the end customer pays for is the return freight. Always suggest that the customer insure the return for protection. Consumable items, such as moulding knives, belts, guide bars and chains, are not covered by the money-back guarantee.

After 60 days the customer may still return the product, but this is something that has to be decided from case to case. This means that we do not insistently stick to the 60 days sale or return policy. When the customer knows that he has the possibility to return the product if he likes, it is much easier for him to accept other solutions as well. Despite this generous policy, our experience is that returned products are a relatively uncommon feature.

You pay for the used cutting tools and the costs of return shipping, but that’s all.

Service and support

As a LOGOSOL customer you get unlimited phone support. Skilled technicians answer your questions by phone every weekday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. You can also receive support via email.

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We know that our products are good, and we want you to be happy with your purchase for the rest of your life. Therefore, each product is covered by our own concept consisting of peace-of-mind package, quick delivery, unlimited support and personal service.

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Peace of mind

Logosol’s peace-of-mind package provides you with a 2 year warranty and the right to return products within 2 months from date of delivery if they fail to live up to your expectations.

Quick delivery

Very speedy delivery of accessories and spare parts.

Unlimited support

Unlimited support when it comes to product know-how and product use.

Personal service

Get access to over 25 years’ experience of small-scale timber processing. Skilled technicians answer your questions by phone every weekday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. You can also receive support via email or the chat service on our website.

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