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Warranty conditions

For us, a warranty is a given!
Logosol has always been known for our fantastic quality, and we are proud of that! Nevertheless, we work actively to constantly improve the quality and therefore we can now offer a 5-year warranty.

5 year warranty

You can register your product with us and extend the warranty from the standard two years to a full five years! That's three years of extra peace of mind. We are confident in the premium quality of our products thanks to our focus on building robust machines assembled in our factory with extensive quality controls.
The warranty offer is only valid if you register the product within 30 days of the invoice date.  Register your machine now for free! It's well worth it!
The 5-year warranty covers our premium products, which include Bandsaw Mills, Chainsaw Mills, Planers, Big Mill Wide Slabber, Electric Saw, Log House Moulder, Feeders, Hydraulic Package Bandsaw Mills, Easy Set, Pro Set, Pro Feed, and Stack Cutter.

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The text below describes the conditions and scope of our warranty commitment. It is important to note that these conditions do not limit the statutory rights that end customers of our machines may have in the event of defects. End customers are entitled to claim these statutory rights free of charge and without prejudice to our warranty.

Electric motors and components

The warranty covers installation faults in the electrical system. Electrical components such as motors, contactors, and controls are extremely reliable and have a long service life when properly used. The warranty does not cover faults caused by incorrect electrical connection, overheating, or damage caused by water. See below.

It is important that the electrical system has the correct voltage and current and that no live parts are exposed to liquid water. So be careful from the start.

Electrical connection

As the machine's owner, you are responsible for ensuring that it has the correct power supply. If an electric motor or contactor fails, you should check that it is supplied with the correct voltage and current in all phases. A damaged connection cable, an incorrectly sized connection cable, or insufficient capacity in the property's electrical outlet can cause motors and components to fail.


When sealed spaces such as the electrical component enclosure or motor housing are stored outdoors, or in other humid environments, or where there are temperature differences, water can accumulate in the enclosure due to condensation of water vapor in the air. Periodically loosen the electric motor drain plug, if present, and ensure that condensation has not accumulated in the enclosures before applying power.

Rust warranty

The warranty applies if the rust-affected part loses its function or if it rusts through. This means that the product can no longer fulfill its intended purpose or that the rust has penetrated the material's surface and created a hole.


The warranty does not apply if the product is used in a manner other than that intended in the user instructions, if safety and maintenance instructions are neglected, or if the machine is modified or altered in any way. The warranty is also invalid if the product is exposed to corrosive substances, extreme temperatures, or excessive moisture.

Warranty claims

To make a warranty claim, you must contact our customer service department and provide proof of purchase, a description of the problem, and pictures of the rusty part. We will then inspect the product and determine if the warranty is valid. If the warranty is valid, we will replace the product at our discretion.

Maintenance requirements

The warranty is conditional on maintenance of the product according to the manual. The manual contains instructions on how to clean, store, and protect the product from rust. You must follow these instructions to ensure the life and performance of the product.

Exceptions to Logosol's warranty conditions

  • Motors and chainsaws are subject to the manufacturer's conditions.
  • The warranty is not valid for industrial use.
  • The warranty does not apply if bars, chains, and bandsaw blades are used by a supplier other than Logosol.

To claim the rights covered by this warranty, you, as a customer, must report any defects to our customer service.
In addition, the warranty certificate, purchase receipt, or other sales document clearly showing the date of delivery or at least the date of purchase must be presented in connection with the claim. This is an important condition to ensure the warranty claim can be handled efficiently and correctly.

Our customer service and dealers will continue to be available to you even after your warranty has expired.