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Everything you need in your woodshop

Logosol takes a big step forward as a complete supplier for those who work with wood. We introduce a wide range of tools for both professionals and hobby-woodworkers. Our cooperation with one of our most important suppliers is strengthened, and we present a completely new tool catalogue. With a worldwide sales agreement with CMT, and our own high-quality and affordable LOG21 range, we now offer a full range of planing and moulding knives, cutter heads, circular sawblades, endmills, and other cutting tools all over the world.

Saw Chains and Guide Bars

We have a wide range of cutting equipment for petrol and electric chainsaws. If you keep your cutting equipment in good condition you get timber in the right dimensions, your chains and guide bars will last longer and you will cut timber faster. Choose among guide bars and chains from LOGOSOL and Stihl.


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Bandsaw Blades

Fit professional sawblades in your bandsaw and experience the difference. No matter what bandsaw you have, you will find the right sawblades at Logosol. It is easy for you to order from us. In most cases we have the blades in stock, so you get a quick delivery.


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Moulding Knives

A good selection of moulding knives is an important factor if you want to make money from your planing operation. The ability to deliver exactly the profile that client wants is often the key to the really profitable business for you as a planer owner.


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Order your own copy, we will send it to you free of charge. You can also call our sales team to place your order.


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