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Next-generation band sawmills

loaded with power and capacity


Ready for milling!

All you need is included

From log to boards with the band sawmills

Set the sawing height with the auto-locking sawhead and push the start button. It’s really as simple as that to get started!

Already at the first cut, you will notice the quiet and vibration- free operation of the band sawmill.

A sawmill that can manage large- dimension logs. The log deck remains rigidly straight even under the load of the largest logs.

Safe log handling with a cant hook spares your back and knees when you are working at the sawmill.

The blade is guided through the log with great accuracy. An automatic water- cooling system makes the blades last longer and speeds up production.

On the very first day, you can produce a good-sized stack of planks and boards for your building project.

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