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The Soloplaner Resaws, Planes and Moulds in one Single Operation


The Golden Axe – The award for the best wood processing machine, presented jointly by the Swedish Land Magazine, Elmia Trade Fair and the Forest Owners Association.

Logosol SH230 – a must for every carpenter and craftsman


The Soloplaner belongs in every sawmill owner’s and carpenter’s workshop. It is a versatile machine which squares, resaws, planes and moulds. When you have got used to its high capacity and many possibilities, the Soloplaner will be indispensible.

The Soloplaner planes the lumber and cuts it to the right width in one single operation. What makes this possible, is the 230 mm (9") wide cutter that has a circular saw blade fitted directly to its side. The cutter and the circular saw blade rotate at a speed of 6000 rpm, which gives a quality result both on the planed and the sawn surfaces. In Logosol’s Moulding Knives Catalogue you can find several examples of mouldings you can produce. The moulding knives can be utilized at the same time as the planing knives and the circular saw blade.


Planing and squaring

The Soloplaner is mostly used for planing and squaring. The boards are cut to the right width and are simultaneously planed. If you want to machine all four sides, you just run the board twice through the machine. Height and width settings are made in two simple operations.


sh230_how-to_1 sh230_how-to_2 sh230_how-to_3 sh230_how-to_4
Height and width are adjusted in two simple operations. The saw blade resaws at the same time as the board gets planed. From the other side emerges a finished product with the exact dimensions you have decided upon. If you want to machine all four sides, you just run the board twice through the machine.

Moulding with the Soloplaner

Moulding is another field of use. With the Soloplaner you can machine plain boards into valuable panelling, crown mouldings, skirting boards, door and window frames, etc. The moulding knives are of HSS quality and they stay sharp for 3000-6000 meters (10 000–20 000 linear feet) of lumber. The knives can be sharpened 5-10 times.


sh230_how-to_5 sh230_how-to_1 sh230_how-to_7 sh230_how-to_8
Moulding knives are mounted in the cutter. Height and width are adjusted in two simple operations. The saw blade resaws the board into the chosen width at the same time as the molding knives mills the board. From a plain, unprocessed board you have now got a valuable machined product.




"For those who do not own a forest or lack experience of small-scale wood processing, it is best to start with a Soloplaner. This is a machine that will really come in handy."

Janne Näsström,
editor of our customer magazine Fresh Cut,

is pleased with his Soloplaner.


"The Soloplaner is my best friend when it comes to carpentry!"


Bengt-Olov Byström,

Founder of LOGOSOL




Technical data


Planing width: Max. 230 mm (9")
Planing height: Max. 52 mm (2 1/16")
Moulding depth: Max. 15 mm (5/8")sh230_illustration_sv
Number of rev. cutter:
6000 rpm
Number of rev. saw blade: 6000 rpm
Saw blade diameter: 180 mm (7 1/8")
Total continuous output: 3.2 kW (4.3 hp)
Feed rate: 5 m/min (16 ft/min)
Electricity supply: 3-phase, 400 V, 16A
Weight: 198 lbs (89 kg)
Height, length, width: 610 mm, 710 mm, 610 mm (24", 28", 24")



  • Convenient lever for quick adjustment of planing height.


  • Setting for board squaring takes a few seconds.


  • A wide range of moulding knives. Mounting only takes 5–10 minutes.


  • 100 mm (3 15/16") connection for chip extractor.
  • Pressure roller and fence guide the workpiece straight through the machine.


  • Abutments for in- and out-feed tables of wood or steel.


  • Rust proof for outdoor use and minimal maintenance.


  • 6000 rpm ensures a smooth surface finish.
  • Resawing, planing and moulding can be done at the same time or each separately.


  • Easy adjustment with user-friendly scales.


  • Max. dimensions of finished product: 230 x 52 mm (9 1/8" x 2 1/16").


  • Accessory: adjustable feeder 2-12 m/min (7–39 ft/min).

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