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Circular Resaw KS150 Cuts your timber into accurate dimensions


Logosol’s circular resaw provides you with lumber of exactly the dimensions you desire. The circular resaw quickly and easily gives you high-precision results, and you can manage the entire process without help.

Flexibility and profitability

What is good about having a circular resaw is that you either saw the lumber yourself, or you buy lumber of a few dimensions, and then you resaw it to the required dimensions when you actually need it. This way, the circular resaw facilitates the handling of lumber, since there will be fewer boards that need to be dealt with before you are going to use them. A considerable supply of large-sized lumber of different qualities, gives you infinite possibilities of resawing to the dimensions you need or the material your customers require.

Perfect results

With Logosol’s circular resaw you get high-precision results. You can be certain of getting the correct measurements and a fine surface! The sawing speed is adjustable and is set so that you can easily manage the operation single-handed. If you use the highest feeding speed, however, you will need help in order to manage!

The machine works on both seasoned and fresh-cut timber. The machine’s construction is based on simple technology and is therefore extremely reliable in service. The circular resaw is also designed with the focus on the operator's safety, so that you can feel safe when working with the machine.

Capacity sufficient for small-scale wood processing

Logosol’s product concept is to manufacture small-scale machines that do the same job as a big industrial machine, but with lower capacity and at a much lower price. The Circular Resaw is especially designed for small-scale wood processing. Our research has shown that timber wider than 150 mm (6”) is only resawn in exceptional cases. By limiting the size of the circular saw blade, we have been able to develop a machine that is working excellently, is easy to use, can be moved with a fork lift, and due to this is better suited for small-scale wood processing than, for example, a big second-hand industrial resaw.

Advantages compared to band resaws

Large-scale planer mills use bandsaws when resawing timber. These are really large machines with wide saw blades, impressive capacity, and an extremely small saw kerf. Compared to the type of band resaw that can be a possible choice for the smallscale wood processor, Logosol’s Circular resaw has clear advantages. The circular saw blade cuts straight, and you can saw tens of thousands of metres without doing anything about the saw blade. With a band resaw you have to replace the saw blade several times during the same period of time. When it is time to change circular saw blade, you replace it with just a few simple operations.


" I dream of seeing Circular Resaws standing in barns, in planer workshops, in the homes of Logosol Sawmill owners, and in the building contractor’s lumber yard. It will do its job when you press the start button, and run year after year to the great delight of its owner!" 

Bengt-Olov Byström,

Founder of LOGOSOL





Technical data


Weight: 400 kg (880 lbs)
Length: 1100 mm (43")
Height: 900 mm (36")
Width: 800 mm (32")
Saw blade diameter: 450 mm (18")
Cutting height: Max. 150 mm (6")
Continuous output: 7.5 kW (10 hp)
Feed rate: 2-12 m/min. (7-39 ft/min.)
Electricity supply: 3-phase, 400 V, 32A


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We give you a 60 day money back guarantee on all machines. You have two months to decide whether the machine suits you. Cutting equipment, planing and moulding knives and other consumable items are not included in the money back guarantee.


Two-Year Warranty

We provide you a two-year warranty on all new machines. It covers manufacturing defects and problems that have occured during normal use of the machines, with the exception of consumable items such as belts, guide bars and chains.


Fast deliveries

Most orders are supplied directly from our stock. During peak season delivery times may be slightly longer. The delivery times for accessories and spare parts are always very short.


Unlimited support

Unlimited support when it comes to product knowledge and use of products.


20-years of Hands-On Experience


We have 20 years of hands-on experience designing and working directly with Logosol equipment.


Personal service

To us, offering a first-rate personal service comes natural.

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Logosol KS150 Circular Re-Saw

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