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Elegant wood processing with versatile planer/moulder


Turning timber into panelling and mouldings is a profitable form of wood processing. If you choose a planer/moulder that can machine several sides in one operation, you’ll save time and money. By choosing LOGOSOL you can easily update your machine with new accessories, and you gain access to a wide range of moulding knives, which gives both you and your customers many options.


Choosing the right planer/moulder is crucial when it comes to starting a fast and streamlined production. With a planer/moulder in the assembly of machinery, you shorten the time for resetting the machine and you can handle timber of large dimensions.


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- “Resetting the machine for a new profile takes less than half an hour. This is of great value, especially when producing small batches,” says the founder of Logosol Bengt-Olov Byström.


Machines all sides in one operation


LOGOSOL offers three models for making panelling and mouldings. The four-sided planer/moulders PH260 and PH360 plane and mould four sides in one operation. These machines have industrial capacity and will quickly become the top-performers of your workshop. They will ensure that you get the most productivity out of your wood processing.


“If you need 60 feet of skirting-board, you can have them in your hand after half an hour, if you need 3,000 feet you are still finished before lunch,” says Bengt-Olov Byström.


The two-sided planer/moulder DH410 works with two cutter heads instead of four. Here, four-sided machining is made in two operations.

The DH410 is usually bought by customers who want a machine that can produce the same result as a four-sided planer/moulder, but can accept that the work takes just a bit longer.


Great Investment for Do-It-Yourself Woodworking Projectsproject


A planer/moulder for personal use becomes a wise financial decision if you need a lot of mouldings and panelling. A common solution is that you buy a planer/moulder for a specific project, for building a house, e.g. LOGOSOL’s planer/moulders have a high resale value, so when the work is done the machine can easily be resold.


“There is a great demand for used LOGOSOL planer/moulders. Even if the machines have been used for a couple of years, it is still possible to get back as much as you once invested,” says Bengt-Olov Byström.


Planing and moulding rough sawn timber is a profitable occupation. When buying a planer/moulder from LOGOSOL, you always get our 30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that you can test the machine and see whether it meets your expectations. If you are not happy with the machine, we want you to return it.


Feel welcome to read the technical specifications on our website. By comparing the qualities of the planer/moulders you will find the right model for your application!


Get a Quick Return on Your Investment!

The planer/moulder produces 40 feet per minute, and this represents a timber volume of 1,500 board feet if you are producing 2” x 4” lumber. If you increase the value of the timber by 30 cents per linear foot, you have earned back your investment when you have machined about 60,000 linear feet. If you increase the value by $1.20 per linear foot, your purchase will have paid off after 15,000 linear foot.

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