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Make Your Own Swedish Log Candle    

Here’s a great idea the creative folks at Logosol headquarters in Sweden use when they have an outdoor event in the evening.  I call them Swedish Log Candles.  They are so simple to make and burn so magically, you’ll want to use these at your own outdoor events.  These clever logs will liven up any outdoor night time gathering, providing heat and dancing light with minimum expense and mess.  All you need is a chainsaw with a good sharp chain, short logs, and a little accelerant.


If you have dead pine trees on your property, this is a great use for them - a fun way to dispose of the logs.
The flames of a log candle can blow torch up to 2 feet high!

To make a Swedish Log Candle, 4 chainsaw cuts are made vertically in a short standing log to within 4” of the base.  Cut the log as you would a pie.  Make the tip of your chainsaw bar dig into the middle of the base of the log when you finish the cut so that lighter fluid will be able to pool there instead of draining out the sides. 
These vertical cuts in the log will provide plenty of air to the fire in the center and funnel the air up the middle to make a hot burning fire. 
The candles need a little encouragement to get them going in the form of some kind of accelerant, such as lighter fluid, diesel, or kerosene.  If the logs have been allowed to dry awhile after cutting they will start easily.  If the logs are green or wet, they will need a good bit of accelerant.  If you have dead pine trees on your property, this is a great use for them - a fun way to dispose of the logs.  Dead pine logs will burn almost immediately with little drying.  Put a little lighter fluid in the cuts and wait a few minutes before lighting. Once the wood gets to burning, the fire will need no more encouragement and will just grow stronger on its own.
Depending on the log size, these log candles will last upwards of 2 hours, burning cleanly throughout the evening. They are best burned with little wind in the area, as then you will get an even burn all the way through the log. At their height, they will be dancing flame like a blow torch up to 2 feet high! *





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