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Band sawmills for high production

Logosol's band sawmills have a sturdy design, an impressive accuracy, well thought-out features and a solid construction. They are easy to set up where the trees to be sawn are.

Most sawyers think that the best thing about the sawmill is the satisfaction you feel when you have cut your own timber. Job satisfaction and pride are the best we can give your customers.

Log Moulder LM410

A unique log house molder that can do something no other molder can: besides being a log house molder, the Logosol LM410 is also a jointer/planer for beams of dimensions up to 60 cm x 60 cm (24" x 24").


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Equip your sawmill with original accessories to meet your specific needs!


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Band Grinder

An automatic grinding machine which gives your blades the necessary sharpness.


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Bandsaw Blades

Regardless of the band saw you have, you will find the right blade at Logosol.


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