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Big Mill System


Logosol M8

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Fulfil your dreams with our sawmills and planer/moulders!

Your own log house, a new veranda, a playhouse for your grandchildren, a pavilion, a garden shed, a pier for your summer house, a sauna, an outdoor hot tub, or sawing cladding for your house, are just a few examples of dreams you can fulfil with the help of our products.


Chainsaw Mills

Logosol M8 | Big Mill System | Saw Units | Chainsaw Mill Accessories

Bandsaw Mills

Log Moulder LM410 | Bandsaw Mill Accessories

Framesaw Mills

Logosol-Laks Framesaw

Board Edger

Logosol C210

Planers & Joinery Machines


Logosol PH365 | Logosol PH360 | Logosol PH260 | Logosol DH410 | Logosol MH410 | Logosol H410 | Logosol SH410 | Logosol SH230 | Planer/Moulder Accessories

Joinery Machines

Dimensioning Saw PS315 | Vertical Milling Machine MF30 | Joinery Machine Accessories

More Products

Framesaw Logosol-Laks
Stack Cutter PK1500

Circular Resaw KS150
Circular Saw Assistant TK5000

Cutting Tools

Chains and Bars
Bandsaw Blades
Moulding Knives

Wood Drying Kiln

Wood drying with perfect result in a shorter time period.


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Log Skidder Trailer

A sturdy log skidder trailer with big wheels.


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Chip Handling

A full range of chip handling products.


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